Only Fools and Three Courses, Ushers at the Pear Tree, Review

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Comedy Dining
Nick Moon (Del Boy/Uncle Albert) Rob Cummings (Rodney/Tony) Nick Maxwell (Boycie/Trigger) Grace Dunne (Marlene/Raquel)
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You’ve had a disastrously delectable dinner at Fawlty’s and now join Boycie and Marlene for a Comedy Dining experience you’ll never forget - especially not if the Trotters have anything to do with it!

Only Fools and Three Courses condenses all the Trotters greatest hits into a two and a half hour, three course slap up lunch/dinner. When Boycie and Marlene host a Gala Dinner the meal turns to chaos upon the arrival of Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert.

Theatrical dining can often be a challenge with time management being at the forefront of everything, however Comedy Dining are experts in this field. From pre show banter with Boycie (Nick Maxwell) and Marlene (Grace Dunne), through to the serving of the meal and the interspersed action flows impeccably. Aided by the delightful staff at Ushers, nothing is too much trouble for cast or staff as you take a seat as their guest for the evening.

Nick Moon’s Del Boy bursts into the room, voice first, and the likeness to David Jason is far better than “awright” - it’s outstanding. Equalling his vocal impression of Del, Moon’s physical portrayal of Albert provides no disappointment - with neck bob and walk perfected. Reinacting favourite skits from the show with ease and always being quick off the mark with more vocal audience members, Moon is the linchpin of this entire production.

The rest of the casts impersonations range from sufficient to excellent, with each having an obviously stronger suit. Rob Cummings cabaret singer, Tony, trumps his Rodney with a single “phwase” whilst Maxwell’s Trigger is far to vague and distance to bat out the unforgettable one liners. Grace Dunne, although not being weak in either performance, is a faultless Raquel.

Comedy Dining are onto another hit here, and with such a cushty cast maybe this time next year - they will be millionaires!

4-27 Aug, 13.30 & 18.00