Spontaneous Sherlock, The Annexe at Liquid Rooms, Review

Submitted by Erin Roche on Fri, 25 Aug '17 3.27pm
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Spontaneous Sherlock / PBH's Free Fringe
Will Naameh, Sam Irving, Eric Gesitfeld, Paul Connolly
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Mystery, madness, merriment-- all created on the spot with talent-abundant, unbeatably clever Spontaneous Sherlock. Somehow these four men create a novel Sherlock tale from your title suggestion! This particular show was Sherlock Holmes and the Death of the Avengers .

This Sherlock Holmes classic, never to be seen again, centered around an American theatre producer (played by Paul Connolly) putting on a play about children with extraordinary talents...in Victorian London. Three of his actor children are found dead in the theatre, and it’s up to Sherlock (played by Eric Geistfeld) and a (rather inebriated) Dr. Watson (played by Sam Irving) to solve the case! Will Naameh fills in the entire story with cut away hilarity from playing Mrs Hudson to over 20 different theatre employees to the surprise killer/fourth child upon reaching the finale of the show.

If there’s ever a plot hole or an impossible obstacle to overcome while the four wrangle their way through an impressively entirely improvised show, they playfully pick at it and make fun of the absurdity with the audience, to the crowd’s squeals and howls.

The ingenuity in these four as they collectively create a mystery with plot twists, outrageous characters, surprise revelations, and endless banter makes you wonder just how far the depths of their cleverness can reach. (Yes) And! They have an entire Victorian improvising band that brings along just as much whimsy, timing, and nuance as the onstage performers.

Spontaneous Sherlock just won the best Free Fringe show Derek Award-- this means that they’ve been selected as the top show out of over 500. Not surprising.
If you’ve seen this show once, you’ve seen it once! Come back for ridiculously masterful improvised deduction!

Aug 26-27