Suicide the Musical, SpaceTriplex, Review

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Michael Davies (Director), Robert S J Lucas (Producer & Writer), Dave Donaldson (Electric Guitar), Matthew Cowen (Acoustic Guitar), Dario Contini (Bass Guitar), Michael Ready (Flute)
Bob Bowden (John)
Running time

Comprising 22 musical numbers in 50 minutes, and a one man cast, Robert S J Lucas has been extremely ambitious with this well intentioned new musical. Claiming to have managed to “pull the show together in about two weeks” from material previously intended for other destinies, it's no surprise the production appears unpolished.

John is lonely - with only Siri for a friend, he drives to work, drives home, drinks and repeats. Repeating these things over, showing the monotony of his lives, many songs such as “Hey Siri” and “Let’s have A Coffee/Crisis Soon” reprise multiple times over. As John’s life sinks into complete despair, his pill and booze induced end seems imminent, when suddenly his phone rings - and this time it is not Siri.

Cramming 22 full musical numbers into a one act production is a zealous feat for even the most ambitious of writers. The effect of this was a complete lack of plot development until an abrupt end which lacked grounding in the wider story. Although valuable in concept, discussing issue of mental, health particularly in males, this production lacks weight and pause for thought - or even applause.

Despite being faced with solid, nonsensical singing for the best part of an hour, a stage overflowing with props and a band whom barely look further than their feet, lead and only star Bob Bowden performs well, giving as much energy as he can. Whether exceptionally acted or finding it difficult to conceal his own emotions, the character of John really did seem fed up with the world he was placed in, appearing to hate every second.

6th, 10th, 14th, 21st & 24th Aug, 22.05pm