Wonders at Dusk, The Dome, Review

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Scott Silven
Scott Silven
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Night has fallen over Edinburgh. A crowd awaits a beautiful chandelier suspended in the hallway of The Dome. Soon they will ascend to the Jordan Suite to have their eyes and minds opened.

Scott Silven is a genius. What he does is not magic, but intuition. Everything he deduces, everything he predicts, he shares with a smile to say his audience should be just as amazed by it as he is delighted. This art form has lost none of its charm for Silven as he has studied it, and his own wonder is inclusive and intoxicating.

The room holds its own heady and enchanting atmosphere; the low lights ignite the senses and the audience sits in comfort at tables around the room. Silven uses mentalism, and what he explains is the connection people have with each other to predict numbers, deduce names, and recall another person’s memories. These feats are awe inspiring, but it does not feel like a spectacle; more a demonstration. As the evening goes on Silven is keen to establish that even his audience have connections with each other in an uncanny display of audience participation.

Silven’s elegant patter guides his audience through his magical display and is inclusive and genuine. It isn’t magic or illusion but magical and elusive, and is a truly wonder-full evening.

The Dome, 22.30
Until 27th August (not 14th or 21st)