SHIFT, Underbelly Circus Hub, Review

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Barely Methodical Troupe
Melissa Ellberger, Ella Robson Guilfoyle and the Cast (Directed and Desvised), ​​Di Robson​ (Producer), ​​Lucy Sierra (Designer), Elliot Griggs (Lighting Designer), Ian Moore (Production Manager), ​Helen Johnson( Costume Supervisor)
Louis Gift, Esmeralda Nikolajeff, Elihu Vazquez,
Charlie Wheeller​
Running time

Springing back into Underbelly’s Circus Hub, BMT land with a bang – or was that band?

Their new show SHIFT catapults itself into the hearts of their audience with the help of several bright blue bands. It has an air of mischief and innocence, as if the rubber bands are a brand new toy rather than something they have doubtless trained with for hours. It is this sense of fun, this jump-in-and-try-it feeling that carries the show – they just look like they’re having the best time.

As well as the unusual use of the elastics, there is hand to hand, tumbling, solo acrobatics, break dance and towards the end a rather captivating turn on the cyr wheel, all seen through a smoky, dream-like haze. All this is united under their aesthetically satisfying blue outfits, which somehow calms their 100mph games and makes their joie de vivre more accessible.

There is not always a clear direction to the show, rather that each of them finds and explores something new. Threaded throughout though are some delightfully terrible puns and some deft clowning. It seems pretty vital that the four of them do not take themselves or each other too seriously, even after creating a heart stopping human tower three people high. However much they laugh though, they will always be there to catch one another.

That is the thing when it comes down to it. The camaraderie of these performers makes you wish you could join in with their tumble of pace and momentum, grace and fun.

Until 25th (not 8th, 13th or 20th)