The Spinners, Dancebase, Review

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Lina Limosani & Al Seed
Al Seed & Lina Limosani (Creators) Lina Limosani (Choreographer) Al Seed (Director) Wendy Todd (Set & Costume Design) vZephyr Liddel (Touring Set Design) Guy Veale (Sound Design) Nigel Levings (Lighting Designer) Lee-Anne Donnolley (Producer) Ninian Donald (Stage Manager) Tess Ryan (Production Manager) Alberto Santos Bellido (Lighting Operator) Suzanne Critchley (Project Coordinator) Amanda Werner (PR Coorinator)
Lina Limosani, Tara Jade Samaya and Kialea-Nadine Williams (Dancers)
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"The show is based upon the Morai, or Fates of Greek mythology: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. These three goddesses are charged with measuring, weaving and cutting the thread of life – presiding over the destiny of humankind."

It's a strange and dreadful world these gods inhabit, a dystopian conglomeration of grey and blue hues, flickering lights and a calling, endlessly calling bell. But this goes beyond the earthly realm and become almost Lovecraftian in its imagery and disturbing symbolism. The scenery is is both metaphorical and real, representing at two levels the endless Sisyphus like labours of the three goddesses and also the despair and incarceration of their existance.

These gods follow strange and exotic rituals and the dancers depict these with intricate sinuous ability, weaving arms, legs and bodies into complex and writhing structures. This show has been carefully built, each scene flowing one into the next and disturbing and complex tableaus cascade through each minute of the performance.

There is mystery and imagination piled on top of strangeness and ambiguity and without the shows programme the audience could build an entire universe upon the scenes and depictions within the show.

Lina Limosani, Tara Jade Samaya and Kialea-Nadine Williams dance beautifully together and leave a lasting impression on their audiences. The final scene is exquisite and very memorable. As I left the auditorium people were excitedly discussing their favourite sections or the impressions it had left upon them.

3-5, 7-12, 14-19 August, 16:45 (50 Mins)