Steve Reich Project, Dance Base, Review

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Isabella Soupart / MP4 Quartet
Isabella Soupart (Concept, Direction, Choreography, Musical Direction) Christine Verschorren (Sound Design) Kurt D'Haeseleer (Video Art) Jonathan Sullam (Set Design Video) Jim Clayburgh (Light Design) Matthieu Vergez (Technical Direction) Noemie Sonveau (Production Manager) Danny Williams (Photography)
Shantala Pèpe (Dancer) Claire Bourdet, Margaret Hermant (Violin) Karel Coninx (Alto) Merryl Havard (Cello)
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It's always exciting when musicians join the dancers on stage, and, in this case, it was a brilliant success. The Steve Reich Project takes 3 of Reich's compositions: 'Pendulum Music', 'Different Trains' and 'WTC 9/11' and has sensitively and creatively woven a dance around each piece of music. 

Shantala Pèpe danced for a solid hour on the night I watched. The programme tells us she was a high performing athlete; she still is. This gruelling piece could not be performed by all dancers, the stamina and toll would be too great, but Ms Pèpe delivers a high class performance with great timing and clear focus throughout.

The MP4 Quartet who join the dancer on stage deliver an equally impressive performance, not only through their music but also through their physical contribution of moving around the stage in complex and convoluted patterns, aided, supported and directed by the dancer.

The interpretation of Reich's music, which can be challenging to listen to, is done sympathetically and courageously with the dance being constantly in harmony and balance; indeed, I would go so far as to say it enhances it. This is definitely a piece to watch during the Fringe, not only for the superb dancer and musicians but also for the unique and collaborative performance. 

Unlike some shows which consist of a collection of pieces but lack coherence, this presentation delivers a consistent and flowing amalgam of choreography and forms which contribute to a holistic and rounded experience.

Aug 7-11, 13-18   7:20pm