Edinburgh International Harp Festival

Dance to the music of Freeland Barbour and The Occasionals.

It's hard to believe there are only two people on stage as this awe inspiring duo weave their way between glorious soundscapes and music of breathtaking simplicity.

Along with Mr McFall’s Chamber, Maeve Gilchrist premieres a work commissioned from her by The Edinburgh International Harp Festival.

In the spirit of friendship and fun for which our festival is famous, YOU are invited to join in a concert of music by four well known arrangers and composers who will each rehearse and then lead the

Performances from Ruth Keggin and Rachel Hair (Isle Of Man) and Sarah Deere-Jones with Phil Williams (Cornwall)

Strictly Stickney: In its search for sustainable happiness (but not in a cult-y way), this solo version of “Stickney & Friends” will explore unfettered solitude and active forgetfulness, the manic zen

Join us for some Easter and Spring music from Canty and Bill Taylor followed by the Winner of the Young Composer Award 2017.

Rachel Newton Trio: Rachel specialises in interpreting traditional folk songs in English and Gaelic as well as writing and arranging her own material.

A special concert presented by children and young people, featuring Abigail Cavanagh (Royal National Mod prizewinner) Claasagh from the Isle of Man and schoolchildren from all over Scotland.