Despite coming from across the water, Kingdom Theatre Company return to the Fringe with another dance themed production set in Leith.

This cracking show leaves lasting impression.

Forgive us, Oh Father, for we have sinned
We’ll say our Hail Mary
Because the Holy Ghost is scary
Everybody wins if you forgive our sin.

As the title suggests, When you Improv on a Star is what you expect; a Disney musical, based purely on audience input.

A Bubble to blow about! This is an innovative production that combines a lot of humour with a serious philosophical question about the essence of life.

Dubbed as Shakespeare meets American serial drama Empire, TWIST theatre company transport 1600s Kings and clans Macbeth to modern London's music moguls and CEOs, whilst retaining the core message - po

A ticking clock heralds the departure of the 7:53 train to the 9 to 5.

A request from the producer and an audience of musical experts – what could possibly go wrong?

Glasgow Girls is an utter knockout from concept to execution.

The House of Fun was a full house but the delay of 30 minutes in starting was sheer 'madness'.