Not so long ago, in the not so distant City of London it was the dawn of an age of prosperity; battles were won over never ending riches – but in times of crisis people search for meaning.

The Promise opens in 1942 Russia, where three teenagers band together to survive the World War 2 siege in Leningrad.

This is the story of Dorothy Lawrence, British journalist and aspiring First World War correspondent, who slipped behind the front lines and almost out of history.

Martin McCormick has a problem with his teeth – he lies through them. “Trust me”, he asks the audience, all he is about to say is true.

Got nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide
It's not love, I'm a running from …

Jimmy makes a panicked phone call – “Kitty, my hands have disappeared”.

In a tent on the grass by Symposium Hall, decorated with ivy leaves and fairy lights, BoxedIn Theatre create a world of childhood beliefs and coming of age reality.

Grist to the Mill Productions always feature highly on the ‘to see’ list of anyone who knows them, and their new production Gratiano, written and performed by Ross Ericson, is a prime example of why t

Jade Byrne has had a lot of pricks in her life. Over 70,000 to be more precise.

On the tenth anniversary of his death, Ken Campbell, legendary theatre maverick is back at the Fringe.