Scotland's Twits Name New Forth Bridge

Submitted by edg on Tue, 6 Mar '12 11.22pm

What should the new Forth Road Bridge be called? The Scottish Government has announced today it will give the public a say in naming the new road bridge being built across the Firth of Forth, currently dubbed the Forth Replacement Crossing.

The Twitter wits, or Twits, have already been pitching in with their ideas for a new moniker for Forth Road Bridge II.

Haji Ahamat and Aileen Campbell play on numbers offering "The Third Forth Bridge" while others like Siobhan Cavanagh have pointed out that some will want to call the second Forth road bridge, the Fifth bridge.

"Imported steel bridge" quipped Orca901. "'Shanghai Bridge - made in China from Chinese Girders,' adds Frank Roy MP, in a similar vein.

Neil Forsyth deadpans: 'Sent in my suggestion for the name of the new Forth Road Bridge - "Trevor".'

Rebus author Ian Rankin has gone for a more dramatic "The Crossing", while Yang Guang's name acknowledges both a Twitter phenomemon, and the gusty setting of the Forth Bridges, with "The Bawbag Bridge".

Beeb jouno Douglas Fraser goes for a culinary suggestion (not haggis): "Make the corroded older one the Salt Bridge, so the new one could be the Sauce Bridge. It's an Embra thing."

"A Bridge Too Far" says 42Wave, alluding no doubt to criticisms that the bridge is an expensive and unnecessary expansion of the roads network and will increase congestion in Edinburgh. 

Proceedure for Naming the New Forth Bridge

The public will get an opportunity to vote for their favourite name from a shortlist of names in 2013, with the winning name formally announced shortly afterwards.

Transport Minister Keith Brown gave details today on the process for naming the new bridge.

It will begin with establishing an advisory panel made up of independent civic, business and community representatives from across Scotland, who will be responsible for gathering and assessing suggested names for the new Forth Bridge from members of the public.

All potential options will be considered by the panel before a shortlist of the most appropriate names is produced and put to a public vote to find the most popular.

“This is the biggest single infrastructure project in Scotland for a generation and will deliver an iconic world class 21st century addition to the 20th century Forth Road Bridge and the original 19th century Forth Bridge," said Mr Brown, on a visit to the existing Forth Road Bridge today.

“It is absolutely right that the people of Scotland have a say on the identity of this historic project and for that reason I am very happy to announce that a public vote on the naming will take place next year."

Construction on the Forth Replacement Crossing began in 2011 and is on schedule to open on schedule and on budget in 2016.

Forth Bridge Heritage recognition

At the start of Scottish tourism week, Mr Brown also highlighted continuing efforts to have the historic 19th Century Forth Bridge recognised as a World Heritage Site:

"On behalf of the Forth Bridges Forum, Historic Scotland are preparing to submit a Technical Evaluation document in support of the Forth Bridge's application for World Heritage Status.

"This is just the first round of the process. Transport Scotland, Network Rail and the surrounding local authorities are supportive of the bid and look forward to working with Historic Scotland on this important project."

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