City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Scotland Bans Smoking in Public Places

Today, 6am on 26th March 2006, the Scottish Executive banned smoking in all enclosed public places in Scotland. For Scots used to habituating the fug of low-ceiled smoky pubs this is a landmark decision. 

Aladdin, Brunton Theatre, Review

This year’s seasonal yarn at the Brunton is the truly amazing story of...

Cinderella, Lyceum Theatre, Review

Through Stuart Paterson’s adaptations of classic panto fare, the Lyceum usually brings something a little more mature than the average to the Christmas season.

Saturday Night Fever, Edinburgh Playhouse, Review

One of the benchmark American movies of the seventies hits the stage in this fast-moving adaptation by Nan Knighton which recreates all the original Bee Gees hits with a huge ensemble cast.

The Diary of Anne Frank, King's Theatre, Review

Of all the testimonies to spring from Nazi Europe, the Diary of Anne Frank will continue to stand as one of the most enduringly effective in bringing home the impact of that brief period’s mo

Romeo and Juliet, Royal Lyceum, Review

A strong, highly accessible and justifiably thought-provoking production of Shakespeare's most famous love play. An ideal one, too, for introducing someone to the Bard for the first time.

Grease (The Musical), Playhouse Theatre, Review

Tightly choreographed, performed with plenty energy and great fun, this latest production of the musical that first brought (parody) Rock and Roll to Broadway, pretty much delivers the goods we hav

The Hypochondriak, Royal Lyceum, Review

Sylvester McCoy, probably best known for playing the seventh Dr Who, is indulging in a little switch to the role of patient in the lead role for Hector MacMillan's translation of Moliere's Le Malad

Beltane - Interview with a Drummer

Beltane Drummers on the Acropolis Edinburgh

With its heady brew of drums, fire, theatre and pagan ritual on the top of Calton Hill, the Beltane Fire

A Description of the Beltane Ceremony Stage by Stage

Beltane 2012 May Queen and Green Man

The Beltane Fire Festival is an annual festival marking the arrival of Summer held on the top of Calton Hill.