There's a fantastic projection set up when you enter the dance space. Every surface is covered in images.

Scottish Dance Theatre is internationally renowned for creative, groundbreaking work while choreographer Colette Sadler explores the transforming p

Picture a hospital in the 1960's NHS with the apparent hygiene standards of a 1930's abattoir, and that is the atmospheric staging you are faced wi

Birds of Paradise produced Purposeless Movements back in 2016 to address a specific medical description of CP:  "Which of our movement

‘Transfigured – The Pack’ reminded me of the medieval mummer groups except this collection were a mixture of genders, not all male.

You enter a theatre where the dancers are warming up. It's a very casual and a very relaxed start. And then the lights dim, and the show begins.

Last year at the Fringe I photographed Phil Sanger's performance of this show, and, this year, I am reviewing it because there is something very re

This is the Edinburgh Fringe – there's a clue in the name 'Fringe' meaning on the edge, the periphery, none mainstream.

It's always exciting when musicians join the dancers on stage, and, in this case, it was a brilliant success.

There are many forms of dance and many different ways in which it can be performed – but to be successful it must do one of a number of things: ent