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The appearance of Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England, produced a predictably very respectable turnout in the Baillie Gifford Main Tent at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

The e-mail trailer for said "Time to make some noise" and followed this with the comment "On Sunday, we’ll start our tour across Northern Europe and kick off the loudest and mo

The Edinburgh Solicitor and Property Centre reported today that average property prices in Edinburgh have dropped 6.1% for the September t

After house price falls across the board in Edinburgh and Scotland in 2010, what does 2011 hold?

The present Shadow Chancellor had a suitably large audience in the Main Theatre of the Edinburgh International Book Festival for what promised to be one

The City of Edinburgh Council’s Trading Standards is warning people to be careful of “unscrupulous” companies who "may be trying to rip you off when buying your scrap gold".

One of the effects of the massive evaporation of easy credit both in Britain and around the world in recent months has been deflation. In 2009, Britain is expected to officially enter into its first deflationary period in 49 years when the Retail Price Index, which measures the price of goods and services, drops below zero.

Some of the building societies in this U.K. list have been taken over - for example, Britain's biggest building society, the Nationwide, has merged with the smaller Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Dunfermline building societies, but their individual brands (and web sites) are still active. However, The Staffordshire, which was

Some of these banks have merged - the obvious examples being NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland or HBOS (Halifax-Bank of Scotland) with LloydsTSB. Since the new LloydsTSB megabank has retained the brands of the original, individual banks, they are listed separately here.

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