Ghosts, seductive fox-spirits, witches and demon-slaying monks: Pu Songling gathered scraps of almost 500 fables, ranging from cautiously didactic

Under The Floorboards is an insight into the disturbing life of misfit Ed. This young virgin plays with dead bodies and still hea

This lo-fi fable follows Otto, a twelve-year-old boy enamoured with Boudicca and 90s-era chatrooms, as he discovers something mysterious,

This comedy musical focuses on the life of ordinary office worker Bryony Buckle who, with the help of a big, scary syringe and a blast of lightning

Snapshots is a series produced under the manipulate Festival, Puppet Animation Scotland’s annual celebration of innovative visual theatre and animated film.

Beguiled is a double-bill of two haunting and imaginative pieces by surreal visual theatre company, Invisible Thread.


Where better to stage a show set in the imagined frozen north than the less than cosy main hall that is Assembly Roxy.

This year, London based master puppeteers, Blind Summit, bring their UK première of Henry: A Puppet Possessed, that was produced in association with the Italian Cultural Centre in Pistoia, il

Canada’s Old Trout Puppet Workshop may work with small figures but they are absolute giants in the field of puppetry.

This August, Edinburgh based visual theatre company Tortoise in a Nutshell returns to the Fringe with their 2015 Imaginate commissioned show The Lost Things.