Under the Floorboards, PQA Venues, Review

Under The Floorboards is an insight into the disturbing life of misfit Ed. This young virgin plays with dead bodies and still hears his mother’s bible-bashing from beyond the grave. The character is based on the infamously gory Ed Gein, who inspired many classic horror flicks. These references are clear in Simon Shaw’s production, complete with Leather Face masks and Buffalo Bill's tuck and pose. Although some key aspects of Gein’s case, such as the killing of Mary Hogen and Beatrice Worden are included, this is not a comprehensive biography.

Tröll, Summerhall, Review

Submitted by Erin Roche on Wed, 7 Aug '19 8.32pm

This lo-fi fable follows Otto, a twelve-year-old boy enamoured with Boudicca and 90s-era chatrooms, as he discovers something mysterious, ancient and dangerous lurking in his home. Between an older sister moaning for a cell phone and bullies on and offline, adolescent growing pains are on display... yet something otherworldly is stirring within the walls, something his granny whispers between puffs of her cigarette is a treacherous troll. 

Vulvarine: A New Musical (2019), Gilded Balloon, Review

This comedy musical focuses on the life of ordinary office worker Bryony Buckle who, with the help of a big, scary syringe and a blast of lightning, is transformed into Vulvarine: the saviour of womankind. Complete with meninist arch-enemy The Mansplainer and love interest/ dude in distress Orson Bloom, this production flips the tired tropes on their heads and plays out-with the gender norm.