Special Days

Organisers of this masquerade ball Red Crow VIP say that, due to the fire at club Luna at New Year's Eve, they have had to move venues and date from Valentines Night at the Picardy Place venue to Friday 13th at the Caves.

The Samaritans launches its third annual Stress Down Day to help create awareness of work-related stress, an issue brought into focus

Scotland's national day of celebration sees a weekend long government-sponsored fest in Princes Street Gardens West, dubbed the St. Andrew's DO.

Historic Scotland is celebrating St Andrews Day with free entry to Edinburgh Castle and other attractions across the country on the last weekend of November.

Environmental organisations are marking today, 23rd September, as "Earth Overshoot Day". Overshoot is the point at which humanity has used up all the planet's resources in a sustainable way and starts consuming the natural capital of the planet, weakening its capacity to replenish itself.

It was "the war to end all wars." The "Great War." A time when a generation of men died and were maimed in the nightmare of trench warfare characterised by gas attacks and suicidal rushes on machin

Mondays are hard enough, but this coming Monday, 21st January, is "the most depressing day of the year" according to charity group the Samaritans.