City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Patriothall Gallery

Venue details
Edinburgh Area: 
Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Telephone (info): 
0131 226 7126 / 0131 552 2067 (life class info)
Telephone (box office): 
0131 226 7126

Small local, artist-led gallery, which is supported by the Edinburgh City Council, is a good place to find work by emerging and mid-career visual artists.

The Patriothall Gallery is on the ground floor of the former Co-op bakery building which Workshop and Artists Studio Provision Scotland (WASPS) converted into a studio complex in 1988.

There are 20 shows each year and the gallery is open to the public for 303 days a year.

Hours: Saturday 28 March - Sun 5 April, 12 noon - 5pm. Open Wed - Sunday only (and by appointment)

Open access life drawing groups run on Monday evenings 7-9 and Tuesday mornings 9-12.