Eden's Kitchen, fast food at its best


I was intrigued to try Eden's Kitchen as in an age where we are all trying to do our bit for the environment and to make sure we are eating quality food. I was intrigued after hearing that they only use "natural and organic ingredients which are locally sourced and are GMO free and where possible, organic and natural".

There was plenty of variety on the menu from mezze food to pizza, pastas and traditional hearty meat dishes. One of the biggest draws was the fact it was BYOB. Personally I just love to take my trusted favourite along and it helps to keep the costs down.

We had booked the table for a celebratory meal for myself and 2 of my friends. The two of us arrived at 6pm and whilst we were salivating at the menu, our friend arrived 10 minutes later. As soon as she sat down the waitress was over ready to take our menu, we politely commented that we would need a few minutes so my friend could choose to be told that we didn't have time as she needed the table back for 7.20pm. It became clear that we wouldn't have time to fully enjoy a 2 course meal as we had planned unless we wanted to risk indigestion by eating it extremely quickly. Instead we plumped to share starters/mezzes.

The mezze was nice, if I was being overly critical I would have to say that the borek was a little greasy but everything else was very tasty. In particular the calamari was cooked very well.

Would I return to Eden's Kitchen? Only if I was in a rush so maybe if I was on a lunch break, this would be perfect as they are eager to get you in and out quickly. I did enquire if you could book tables for longer than 90 minutes, (I wasn't aware when we booked it was only for 90 minutes), and I was told that that was not possible. It's a real shame as it seems the perfect place to relax and have a leisurely meal and glass of my favourite wine.