Udderbelly's Pasture [Bristo Square]

Venue details
Bristo Square
Edinburgh Area
Telephone (box office)
0870 745 3083
About the venue

The pop-up purple cow has moved to George Square

It's a pretty nutty concept: build a 322-seater venue in the shape of a massive, upside-down, purple cow and put on shows in it. But then again this is the Fringe and if you want to get noticed you have to go the extra acre.

Almost as whimsical is the name, until you realise that this is the freshest venue from that madcap organisation that goes by the name Underbelly and they have a thing about teets.

One venue you can't miss, seeing as the rubber coo is laid out - legs and teets splayed in the air - slap in the middle of Bristo Square. "The Pasture" includes an outdoor watering hole of the alcoholic variety.

Underbelly are also running theatre, music, and dance in the the adjacent Reid Hall Concert Hall.


55.945808, -3.187503