Edinburgh pubs

Title Street Postcode
Beehive Inn 18-20 Grassmarket EH1 2JU
Dragonfly Cocktail Bar 52 West Port EH1 2LD
Cannonball House 356 Castlehill EH1 2NE
Dropkick Murphy's 7 Merchant Street EH1 2QD
Greyfriars Bobby's Bar Restaurant 34 Candlemaker Row, EH1 2QE
Malone's Irish Bar 14 Forrest Road EH1 2QN
CC Blooms 23-24 Greenside Lane, EH1 3AA
The Newsroom 5-11 Leith Street, EH1 3AT
The Street 2b Picardy Place, EH1 3JT
Chalky's 4b Picardy Pl EH1 3JT
The Outhouse 12a Broughton Street Lane EH1 3LY
The Phoenix 46-48A Broughton St EH1 3SA
48 Below 46 Broughton Street EH1 3SA
The Golf Tavern 30-31 Wright’s Houses EH1 4HR
Merlin Roadhouse 168 Morningside Road EH10 4PU
Ryrie's 1 Haymarket Terrace EH12 5EY
99 Hanover Street EH2 1DJ
Hanover Tap 12 Hanover Street EH2 1DR
Lola Lo 43B Frederick Street EH2 1EP
The Jam House 5 Queen Street EH2 1JE
Scotch Malt Whisky Society 28 Queen Street EH2 1JX
Fingers Piano Bar 61A Frederick St, New Town EH2 1LH
Cafe Royal 19 W Register Street EH2 2AA
Guildford Arms 1 West Register Street EH2 2AA
Ghillie Dhu 2 Rutland Place, EH2 2AD