City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Gales and Volcanic Ash Cause Travel Disruption

By edg - Posted on 23 May 2011

Edinburgh Airport is warning passengers to check ahead with their airline to see if their flight has been affected by ash from the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland tomorrow.

Thus far the airport has not been affected by ash eruption from the Icelandic volcano. However, today the airport warned in a statement: "Through our regular meetings with NATS and our airlines, we anticipate there will be disruptions to services at Edinburgh Airport tomorrow Tuesday, 24 May.

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to fly will be made by individual airlines based on CAA guidance in conjunction with their aircraft manufacturers’ advice.

We advise passengers to check with their airlines before travelling to the airport. Airline contact details."

The travel disruption from the Grimsvotn volcano ash cloud in Iceland is not expected to be on the same scale as with the Eyjafjallajökull volcano just over a year ago. This time the airline industry should be more prepared for it as well.

However, Edinburgh airport has been impacted by gale force winds with delays and cancellations. High winds also caused the Forth Road Bridge to close to drivers (it is expected to re-open tonight when wind speeds ease later this evening).

There was also disruption to trains with the Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street service reduced to a half hourly service, among other changes and cancellations.

The BBC reported that "part of Edinburgh Airport's roof blew off in the high winds". Cladding on the South East pier of the airport terminal was dislodged by the wind.

BAA, who run Edinburgh Airport, did not make the incident public through its news service and played down the incident in a tweet an hour after the rooftop story broke:

"Our roof is still intact, little bit of wind damage is all!"

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