Cockroached, Pleasance Courtyard, Review

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Theatre 63
Ruby Etches (Director) William Proudler (Writer)
Freya Sharp (Taylor - even dates) Alex Pollard (Taylor - odd dates)
Running time

Taylor’s post-apocalyptic life was lonely. But that didn’t bother them too much. Until they stumble upon a raincoat, a radio, and a voice. From the safe, if not slightly ironic, setting of Peek’s Party Shop we see a young person’s sanity and survival challenged by a faceless, nameless voice.

Exploring ideas of loneliness, abandonment and self esteem, Cockroached can be a tough watch at times, with the voices in your own head screaming for the youngster to turn the radio off and return to their cups of syrupy fruit and forget the whole thing. Taylor’s innocence and naivety is foiled seeing their ponderings over the voices appearance - a child playing dress up - dramatically turn into a discussion into her own existence. Talking without meeting, simply a identity free mind at the other end of a communication device, is this post apocalyptic ‘cyberbully’ really a unimaginable futuristic villain or the actuality of online abuse.

As a gender neutral piece the roles of Taylor and the voice alternate throughout the run. Freya Sharp plays a cheek pinching youngster with grit and determination to prove herself. Surrounded by a world of luminous decorations that - whether intentionally or due to faulty tape - unfurls around her, Sharp’s youthful enthusiasm turns to blindsighted self doubt which grips the audiences’ chest, leaving them breathless.

Up until the very last moment, Theatre 63’s production is a compelling watch imploring an urge to fill the room with positive quote pictures and forget the world that, funnily enough, has forgotten you. However, a choice ending, introducing an unnecessary character, sours the profound nature of the final stage picture.

Running 2- 28 Aug (Not 14 + 21)
Pleasance Courtyard
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