From Dust, Gilded Ballon Teviot, Review

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Lion House Theatre Co.
Casey Jay Andrews (Writer), Steve McCourt + Mark Hooper (Directors)
Sullivan Beau Brown (Gilly), Cast Hay Andrews (Yvan), Tom Colindris
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It is important to say that this story of grief is not a groundbreaking one. It is also not a love story unlike any other. It is important to say, however, that this beautifully crafted piece of contemporary folklore fills your mind with imagery beyond its onstage visual, as if you'd found yourself on an arm chair, by the fire, lost in a good book.

Meet Gilly (Sullivan Beau Brown). The man who literally cried wolf years ago, when a boy and girl adventured too far into the wood. Now a lonely soul, pushed by his nightmares to the edge of society; a sad man whose wife, Ylva, was lost in a terrible disaster. Blamed by the community for the loss, Gilly is now hiding from a world who doesn’t care about finding him. Yet, when Jessie's Renault Cleo gives up on him during a storm on New Year's Eve, Gilly goes to his aid, and in turn is given a chance to tell his story and prove his innocence.

With an illustrative narrative, this piece is a marvel for the imagination, with each branch and breakthrough sunbeam firmly established in your mind. The woodland world where the story takes place is only a single sentence away from the simplistic wood log cabin setting and old school overhead projectors.

Writer Casey Jay Andrews narrates the tale beautifully as the late Ylva, giving her own words a stage presence that often upstages the physicality of the performance. Captivating in its delivery, Andrew’s fusion of storytelling, dialogue and shadow projection is a heartfelt story of a girl, a boy and a wolf.

2 - 28 Aug (Not 14th)