Lady Macbeth: Unsex Me Here, Dancebase, Review

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Company Chordelia and Solar Bear
Kally Lloyd-Jones Creator and Director, Janis Hart Design, Laura Hawkins Lighting Design, Yvonne Strain BSL Interpreter and Adviser, Jesse Godolphin Sound Design, Georgina Bell Godolphin Voice of Lady Macbeth, Liam Paterson Composer of Intro Music. Music from Vivaldi, Sigurdsson, Ravel, Chopin, Desplat, Verdi and Mozart
Thomas J. Baylis, Jacob Casselden Jack Webb
Running time

Lady Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most powerful female characters. She is the driving force behind many things both foul and fair throughout the play, but who was she? Kally Lloyd-Jones’ phenomenal production looks deep into her psyche and offers an interpretation of the soul of this remarkable woman.

Three male dancers play Lady Macbeth. They are three and one as they meld and fracture, complimenting and contradicting but always undoubtedly the same woman. The three elements are a strong visual anchor, reminiscent of the three witches and the three aspects of womanhood. The phrase ‘Unsex me here’ has never seemed more appropriate as the three dancers create a towering force of humanity that is both genderless and extremely powerful.

Lloyd-Jones’ concept is fascinating and the creative ideas that visualise the complexities of Lady Macbeth’s character are superb. There’s a focus on motherhood, and on both the giving and taking of life that contribute to her madness. There is tenderness and horror and beauty in this haunting exploration.

The design of the production is pitch perfect with classical music from the likes of Vivaldi, Chopin and Mozart underscoring the dance. British Sign Language is an integral part of the performance as the dancers sign within the choreography, which creates another dimension of explicit, unspoken communication, and makes the piece not only fluid and beautiful but accessible too.

This is a masterpiece of intellect and imagery, and a truly riveting performance.

Until 27th August (not Mondays)at 8pm