Third Wheel, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Review

Rating (out of 5)
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Deadpan Theatre
Jude Mack & Eliot Salt (Writers/Lyricists), Rebecca Baxter & Alice Hoskins (Directors), Daisy Blower (Production Designer), Joseph Ruddleston (Composer)
Jude Mack (Eve), Eliot Salt (Polly), Sophie McQuillan (All the women), Finbar Fitzgerald (All the men), Dylan (Harry Trevaldwyn), Mairi Angus, Tom Nugent, Scott Westoby (Musicians)
Running time

The comedy duo behind PREDRINKS/AFTERPARTY,Jude Mack & Eliot Salt, are back this year with Third Wheel, a rom-com of a road trip. With Eve’s car, and Polly’s enthusiasm, and their best friends ashes in a lunchbox, the pair embark on a road trip across the country, from Edinburgh to Bath and Beyond.

Despite having no contact since an unfortunate party many moons ago, the death of Eve and Polly’s best friend would not be the final curtain on their friendship. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Best friend Dylan’s dying wish was for the pair to go on a road trip together - taking him along for the ride in a Wizard of Oz lunchbox (of which the irony did not go unnoticed, by the audience of lyricists). Throughout their trip truths are split, hearts are poured and multiple montages are made.

Accompanied by a live band and two multirole actors, the duo perform with an intellectual tongue and urns of energy, however there are moments where ‘All the women’ actor, Sophie McQuillan, really does claim the credit of all the women - with her portrayals of casting agent Maria and the South African gynecologist splitting sides.

The musical stylings of their live band, ‘Party in the Sky’, offer levity even in the darkest of moments with their ‘not-quite-a-fit’ lyrical style, although this does begin to feel lazy by the end of the performance.

This LGBTQ love story (not that that’s important) is a great afternoon filler show, with some stand out comedy performances, just sadly not always from the lead performers.

6 - 27 Aug, 2pm