City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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What Remains Review

On the surface, David Paul Jones becomes Maestro Gilbert K Prendergast, monomaniacally composing his ‘Concerto Perfectuoso’ and stressing the need for musical perfection to potential st

EIF Opening Concert: Das Paradies und die Peri Review

SCO woodwind

The Edinburgh International Festival launched its 2011 eclectic programme last night in traditional fashion with a concert at the Usher Hall.&nb

The Music of Les Miserables Review

Dysart productions-Music of Les Misrables

Aspiring west end stars enhance their reputations in this tribute to Les Miserables and other Musicals. Despite the name the company are from down south and not from across the Forth.

Swimming with my Mother Review

Swimming with my Mother

This beautifully pitched show about the real life swimming and dancing experiences of the two dancers, mother and son, Madge and David Bolger, has already been a double first Fringe winner and it&r

Film of the Week: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Apes take over

‘Four stars?!’ I hear you cry? I nearly gave it five.

Jack's Story: Ripper or Not? Review

The Edinburgh Festival is the largest arts festival in the world. Every year the number of shows goes up and up and this year is no different.

Flawless: Intergalactic Dream Review

The Pleasance Grand is one of the biggest stages available during the Fringe and Flawless are one of the biggest street dance acts available any time, so there's a synergy of sorts before the show

The Seagull Effect Review

The Seagull Effect

Storms seem to cause chaos – or maybe it goes further than that. Perhaps it’s not possible to accurately predict the weather, as the smallest changes can have drastic effects.

Vivaldi Gloria Review

Coro Edina

There was a packed Greyfriars Kirk for Coro Edina’s first performance at the Fringe. Just two works - Fauré’s Requiem in the first half conducted by Jonathan Wright.

John Robins: Lift your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven Review


In the blurb on his Edinburgh Fringe page, John Robins' show is described as "a show about stars, suitable for both dreamers and doubters alike." The positivity contained in that statemen

The Prodigals Review

Prodigals Cast

Explosive, stunning, riveting just three words that sum up the ‘The Prodigals.

Guitar and Viola Recital Review


April Randall and Stephen Morrison are colleagues from Fife Council’s instrumental instruction service and came to St Andrew’s and St George’s West with viola and guitar to give a

Schumann To Open Eastern Themed Edinburgh International Festival

This evening sees the Opening Concert of the Edinburgh International Festival with Robert Schumann’s Das Paradies und die Peri.

Shylock Review

Guy Masterson as Shylock

Storytellers have always been our window on the past, the troubadours of history were welcomed at everybody’s door because of the news they carried. This is not the case with t

Nick Gibb: Crumpled Antipodean Dandy Review

Nick Gibb and martini

I must start this review by declaring a conflict of interests: I decided to review Nick Gibb because I was already a fan of his cult webcomic Dead Philosophers in Heaven.

Benny Boot: Set-Up, Punchline... Pause for Laughter Review


To use an old sports commentating cliché, Australian Benny Boot's show is one of two halves.

The Wright Brothers Review

The Wright Brothers - Oxford Playhouse

Orville and Wilbur Wright stand like two overgrown schoolboys, sending paper aeroplanes out over the heads of the audience. Some glide, some crash, demonstrating the difficulty of flight even

Youth and Will: a Portrait of Shakespeare's young characters... and Us Review

This piece of work is a reflection of the works of Shakespeare in the lives and experiences of young people.

Big Noise Review


The first impression you get when you walk into Tara Flynn's musical comedy act, Big Noise, is the sheer warmth and affability of this small Irish woman (who is, as she puts it, in her "middle

The Ballet Ruse Review

Muirne Bloomer and Emma O'Kane in Ballet Ruse

The Ballet Ruse is an examination of the early lives of two ballerinas who went through the classical ballet mill and only just survived.

The Dream of the Travelling Actor Review

Dream of Travelling Actor with Bicycle Wheel

With nothing more than a stark stage and the irresistible strains of the accordion playing a carousel version of Ode to Joy, Bulgarian actor and puppeteer Georgi Spassov takes the stage. Insta