City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Vision 2015, Sweet Grassmarket, Review


Lourdes as party central is an interesting but thoroughly enjoyable concept that might cause a few raised eyebrows for members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Edinburgh Book Festival: Nicholas Parsons, Tale of the Century

For someone who was born on 10th October 1923 - and still broadcasting actively, one must assume that this puts Nicholas Parsons into the category of being a 'national treasure'!

Edinburgh Book Festival: Andy Wightman - This Land Is Our Land, Review

Andy Wightman’s appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, like that of many another author, coincides with the publication of a new work – though in the case of Wightman, this is not so

The Frantic Canticles of Little Brother Fish, Bedlam Theatre, Review

The Frantic Canticles of Little Brother Fish

Welcome to darkest Depravia, a poor, war-torn, mountainous land in Central Europe, too small to be shown on any map where the Dark Ages still hang heavy.

Special Edition 2015: Scottish Ballet dancers, Dance Base, Review

Sophie Laplane and Daniel Kirspuu in Ink of Innocence (photo credit, Karen Harms, courtesy of Scottish Ballet)

A small ensemble of Scottish Ballet dancers have been given the great opportunity to present a selection of new work at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Title of the Show, Paradise in The Vault, Review

At the end of this performance, a number of the audience were on their feet accompanied by loud applause and whoops of delight from others.

Butterfly Rammy, Stand in the Square, Review

To St Andrew Square Garden for ‘Butterfly Rammy’, a curated collection of responses to the Referendum and its aftermath, on an Edinburgh day which went from being fair driech to gey driech to fell dri

Light Boxes, Summerhall, Review

Sometimes we miss the all-too-obvious, and sometimes the obvious comes in curious disguises.

Just Festival: Flame and Fury, Central Hall, Review

Martin Swan 01.jpg

It was Martin Swan's name that attracted me to this show, for Martin runs the UK's largest online violin shop.

The Tour, Surgeon's Hall, Review

It was a mystery as to why ‘The Tour’ was playing to such a small audience. Is it one of these "hidden gems", just overlooked by the thousands of people at the Fringe?

EIF 2015: Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Usher Hall, Review

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Last night’s concert with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, the second of its two EIF concerts, featured composers from the Northern Hemisphere.