City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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The Man Who Planted Trees Review

Fringe 2011: Men Who Planted

The Man Who Planted Trees is the multi-award winning adaptation by the Puppet State Theatre Company of French author Jean Giono’s classic tale.

Sexual relationships Laid Bare - Pamela Stephenson-Connolly (EIBF Review)

EIBF 2011: Pamela Stephenson-Connolly

With a title like this and her recent wide appeal as a contestant in "Strictly Come Dancing" this show was always going to be popular and so it proved.

The Robert Burns Experience Review

Fringe 2011: Andrew and Jock of the Robert Burns Experience

A Burns Supper in August may seem a daft idea, but that's the essence of The Robert Burns Experience held in Monteith’s restaurant on the High Street.

The Bible in Voice and Verse Review


The King James translation of the Bible is 400 years old and in the course of an hour the very eloquent actor Lance Pierson, sadly albeit with a bad back, quoted short, poignant and significant passages from it.

Rachel Sermanni Band Review

Rachel Sermanni

At only 19 years old, Rachel Sermanni has supported Mumford and Sons, KT Tunstall and Newton Falkner, and is taking the festival circuit in her stride this August.

War At Home Review

This may sound like an extraordinarily insensitive and heartless thing to say, but I don’t well up when I hear a New Yorker, an American, or anybody talk about 9/11.

Richard Bath & Tommy Macpherson: A True Hero Tells his Tale (EIBF Review)

Richard Bath

With Al Senter as chair, Bath described the astonishing story of Tommy Macpherson's very full life.

May I Have The Pleasure...? Review

Fringe 2011: May I Have the Pleasure...

The colour theme of the wedding had been lilac, the colour of love (so they say).  All that was left was the day’s debris of flattened tinsel, deflating balloons, and empty glasses as the guests (aka the audience) were escorted to their tables.

Museum Of Horror Review

If there is something I love to experience at the theatre, or the cinema for that matter, it’s a good scare. I’ve always wanted to put on a show that would leave the audience trembling after 90 minutes of screaming and nail-biting.

The Dark Philosophers Review

Fringe 2011: The Dark Philosophers

It is an extraordinarily shameful admittance, particularly as a Welshman, but until last night I had no knowledge of even the existence of the National Theatre Of Wales. I guess I must have as

The Rise of E-Books (EIBF Review)

The e-book, along with content-containing apps and an increasing range of electronic and digital methods of media delivery is changing the publishing industry and threatening the future of books as we know them. Or perhaps not as much as we imagine. Discuss.

Gallipoli - An All-round Perspective (EIBF Review)

EIBF 2011: Peter Hart

Peter Hart is the Oral Historian at the Imperial War Museum and an internationally recognised expert on Gallipoli - so the packed audience was in for a stimulating hour.

Whither Now For the Forest?

Forest entrance

Freewheeling arts collective The Forest have put out a strongly worded press release expressing how "stunned" they are at the decision to remove them from their venue at the end of the run of the Fringe.

City Centre By-election Topics Dominated by Edinburgh Trams

In the run up to the Edinburgh City Council by-election tomorrow (Thursday 18th August) there have been three main hustings eve

Auld Reekie Roller Girls Present: Live Roller Derby!


Edinburgh has one Roller Derby league called the Auld Reekie Roller Girls which fields two travel teams; The Cannon Belles and The Twisted Thistles.

The Alchemystorium Review

The Alchemystorium

There may be a coffee shop on every corner, but none are like The Alchemystorium Café. You see, there the mocha is magic. No, really – and the cappuccino charmed and the latt

Last Orders Review

Fringe 2011: Last Orders

This latest show by David Hughes Productions is inspired by the myth and legend of Sawney Bean, a Scottish cannibal who lived in an Ayrshire cave with his incestuous family during an indeterminate

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal Concert Review

Kent Negano

When we arrived there were, at the very front of the stage, four very large clear glass bowls filled with water.

Naqoyqatsi, Philip Glass Ensemble, Review

EIF 2011: Naqoyqatsi

The final part of Godfrey Reggio’s Qatsi trilogy did not gain the same level of attention and acclaim that its illustrious predecessors had received. Lack of funding meant it was only finally released in 2002, fifteen years on from the mid-eighties joint triumph of Koyaanisqatsi (1983) and Powaqqatsi (1987).

Martha Argerich & Nelson Goerner Review

There were doubts almost to the last moment as to whether the renowned Argentine pianist Martha Argerich would appear for her first EIF concert since 2003. The 70-year-old recently pulled out of a Prom appearance and had cancelled one of her Verbier concerts.

Poems from Small Islands (EIBF Review)

Ian Stephen photo by Mats Rehnman

On the evening of Sunday 14th August, the small Peppers Theatre stage was packed with poets – not the usual one or two writers and a presenter; here were five international poe