City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Scotland's Christmas Card Carries Gift With A Twist

First Minister's Christmas Cards (2008-2010)

The First Minister of Scotland's official christmas card, created by Jack Vettriano, was unveiled last night at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. The image, entitled Let's Twist Again (pictured on the left) features a stylish couple in black tie dress dancing at a Christmas party.

The Three Musketeers and the Princess of Spain, Traverse Theatre, Review

Three Musketeers and the Princess of Spain

This is a unique version of Alexander Dumas’ 1844 exciting, and at the time serialised, tale of the 17th century trio of swashbucklers and daring-doers with their young wannabe, D’Artagnan. Writer Chris Hannan has taken the spirit of the tale and, with insight into Dumas’ emotional isolation within his colourful and unusual life, has created a rumbustious, anarchic and thoroughly entertaining take on the original.

Edinburgh City Council School Closures (Tuesday 7 December)

Snow Again in New Town

Most of Edinburgh's schools are to open fully on Tuesday (7 December) with only a few exceptions in spite of the unpredictable weather and the

Airports Close Again to Clear Snow

Queen Street Blizzard

Heavy snowfalls have grounded planes at both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports again today.

Edinburgh City Council School Closures Updated (Monday 6 Dec)

Edinburgh City Council schools are not expected to be completely back to normal this Monday as the city enters its second working week of snow and ice.

Edinburgh May be about to Derail its Tram Project

Tram works on Princes Street (June 2009)

The resignation on Friday of three more key officials from the staff of Tie (Transport Initiatives Edinburgh) means that some six or more have abandoned ship in the past few months.   The

The Snow Queen, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Review

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is one of the supreme midwinter children's stories, made all the better by Mother Nature breathing the perfect icy white setting over Edinburgh, creating an enchanting backdrop for the tale of an evil woman, an innocent boy betrayed by a slice of hardness in his heart and a speck of glass blinding him to good, and of the fearless little girl determined to rescue him.

A Little Respite from the Snow

Heriot Row park

Edinburgh awoke today (Sunday 5th December) to another cold , wintry day - but thank goodness there has been no more snow overnight, which is some relief for us all in the capital city.

RSNO: Postcards from the Americas Review

Dávuur Juul Magnussen

John Whitener, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra’s Principal Tuba player, is an American and was well placed to give us a real sense of twentieth century American classical music in his pre-concert talk.

Edinburgh's Train Service Suffers As Temperatures Drop

Train under a blizzard

The snow showers may have relented for now, but it has given way to a fiercesome freeze in the last couple of nights that has seen temperatures drop as low as -15C in Edinburgh. Parts of North Scotland have recorded temperatures as cold as -20C.

Skier Carves up Arthur's Seat

A skier takes off down Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park after heavy November snowfall.

Arthur's Seat Avalanche Warning; Pedestrian Warnings

Icicles hanging off a Leith building

Snowboarders and skiers venturing out to the Pentlands hills and even Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park are being warned of the risk of avalanches.

What You Should Do If Someone Falls Through The Ice

The Pentland Ranger Service is telling people not to venture on to frozen reservoirs in the Pentland Hills this weekend. The rangers warn that the ice forming on the reservoir is of varying thickness and could be extremely unstable. There have been three incidents in the Pentland Hills in the last ten years, one resulting in a fatality.

Edinburgh City Council School Closures (Friday 3 Dec)

Edinburgh Old Town in a flurry

Edinburgh City Council has defended its policy of continuing to close schools to some pupils after a week of wintry weather. Some children will be having a fifth day off school tomorrow due to the adverse conditions.

Edinburgh Snowed Under (Pictures)

Holed up

A week into the wintry snap, how are you bearing up? Are you still frolicking in the snow or fed up?

Edinburgh Still Digging Out of Heaviest Snowfall in Decades

New Town snow

Edinburgh Airport not expected to open til 4pm as heavy snow keeps coming.

How Now Mrs Brown Cow, Edinburgh Playhouse, Review

Mrs Brown.jpg

Having made the somewhat foolish decision to confront Edinburgh winter’s wrath head on, it was with, not so much bright-eyed enthusiasm, but bounding joy that I greeted the oh so familiar doors of our wonderful Edinburgh Playhouse.

Edinburgh Prisoners Roped in to Clear Stockbridge Snow

Prisoners clear snow

Low level offenders on community service were out clearing snow and ice in Stockbridge, Edinburgh this morning.

Edinburgh City Council School Closures (Thursday 2 Dec)

Car snowed under - St A's Day

Some may be feeling highly exasperated at this stage, but many children will be having a fourth snow day tomorrow Thursday (2 December) as Edinburgh services continue to be disrupted by the unprecedented snowfall and icey conditions.

Morlich House Lass Is Next Kirk Youth Moderator

Morlich House

A carer at Morlich House Elderly Care Home in Church Hill, Morningside, has been announced as the next Moderator of the Church of Scotland’s National Youth Assembly.

December Snow Continues To Dump on Edinburgh

Snow on Waverley

Snowvember is over, but as Edinburgh enters December there is little sign of the unusually snowy weather abating.