City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Choir of Man, Assembly Rooms, Review


Imagine if the local pub had a glee club….and we’re in The Jungle, a makeshift pub on the big stage at Assembly Rooms.

Breakfast Plays: B!rth, Traverse Theatre, Review


Who gets to decide who lives and dies? “Nameless, faceless “gods” around a conference table?” asks Breakfast Plays: B!rth.

Oyster Boy, Assembly Omnitorium George Square, Review

Oyster Boy credit Nick Milligan.jpg

Outside the Omnitorium, Assembly’s latest venue at the back of George Square theatre a sign states ‘This evening the entertainment will be found amusing, instructive and delightful’.

EIBF 2017: Joseph Farrell and Lavinia Greenlaw, Review

BookFest RLS and WM.jpg

The Bosco Theatre is like a vintage circus tent, where writers, not animals and clowns, will entertain and amuse the audience, seated on (rather uncomfortable), bench seats.

EIF 2017: Festival First, Usher Hall, Review

James MacMillan.jpg

Sir James MacMillan conducted the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in three works which had received their first performance an Edinburgh Festival.

Trashed, Underbelly Cowgate, Review

Trashed - Lab Rats

Goody’s life is rubbish. A one summer job on the bins has lasted for 19 years, during which he has carried a fair weight of garbage. Things have not gone well.

Double Feature, Gilded Balloon, Review

DOUBLE FEATURE Edinburg Fringe 2017 Andy Gray and Grant Stott.JPG

Back in the golden days of cinema, for the price of one ticket. two films were shown back to back - the big picture and the B movie. It was known as a double feature.

EIF 2017: The Music of The Incredible String Band, Review

The Incredible String Band

It’s 1967, the Edinburgh International Festival is a youthful 20 years old.

Woolf, theSpace on North Bridge, Review

Abi Clarke and Tobias Grace as Virginia and Leonard in Woolf

Surrounded by vintage leather suitcases, higgledy-piggledy piles of papers and books, coats, umbrellas, Virginia sits at her desk studying a handwritten sheet of paper intently.

EIBF 2017: Andrew Greig and Mike Heron, Incredible String Bands

‘You Know What You Could Be’ is the kind of phrase that echoes the hopes, dreams and downright fantasies of many a would-be rocker in many a rock band, but in the case of The Incredible String Band, o