Scorch, Traverse Theatre, Review

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Prime Cut Productions
Emma Jordan (Director), Stacey Gregg (Writer), Ciaran Bagnall (Set & Lighting), Nicola Curry (Choreographer), Una Niceoin (Executive Producer), Carl Kennedy (Sound), Edna Kenny (Costume).
Amy McAllister
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Online dating provides even the shyest of wall flowers an opportunity to abandon their usual social constraints and blossom into the person they really are, but can this really be defined as honesty? In the age of social media, it is much easier to construct a better you, a preferred you, a you condemning inhibitions to the cafeteria at work, or school. In a safe space, Kes confesses all.

Gender-curious Kes finds herself at eight preferring elephant printed waistcoats and attempting to pee standing up, and in her teens opting for Black Ops rather than lipgloss. Never quite growing out of the tomboy phase, Kes establishes her association to the male gender. Using the world of social media, where you can be anything – like “Jake, the Chair” – Kes finds his voice, finds Jules, and falls head over heels in love.

Flawless in execution, Amy McAllister’s humorous and energetic performance of Kes is startling from childhood to conviction. Melding into the round, appearing to be joining us in an LGBQT group, a friendship is instantly established with this young person. This is not a bad person. This is a person desperate to be found and honest, whilst defying biological truth.
Stacey Gregg’s exploration of gender confused jurisdiction abandons the small print and stands in front of the headlines to show the reality of the human-being at the thick of it.

Running at the Traverse Theatre until Sat 13 May
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Further tour dates in Manchester and Birmingham.