Slava’s Snowshow 2017, Festival Theatre Edinburgh, Review

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Slava Poulnin
Slava Polunin (Creator), Viktor Kramer (Stage Director), Viktor Plotnikov (Stage Designer), Ivan Yaropoloskiy (Stage Technician), Alexey Lavrentyev (Sound Technician), Alexander Iakovlev (Light Technician), Dmitry Khamzin (Stage Technician), Eerika Ilmonen/ Brian Perkins (Company Manager)
Tatiana Karamysheva, Bradford West, Robert Saralp, Oleg Lugovskoy, Nikolai Terentiev, Aron De Casmaker, Christopher Lynam, Yury Musatov.
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You are invited to retreat from the mundanity of adulthood, to be engulfed in Slava’s enchanting snowstorm, and to be avalanched into a state of childlike glee as Slava’s Snowshow returns to Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre for a fleeting visit.

Assissiai, dressed in his oversized yellow suit and furry red slippers, will ensure your evening is spent on a raft of dreams, literally surrounded by spectacle, as he and the Green Clowns meticulously perform clowning skits. Moments spent alone with Assissiai are less chucklesome, evoking a real sadness for the, often isolated, little clown. Perfectly balancing the tomfoolery with empathetic moments, this is a piece that nods to the wisdom and experiences of all ages, yet implores them to feel the happiness and sadness these moments cause.

There is a real sense of belief and trust in an auditorium held by Slava’s creation, willing everyone regardless of differentiating factors to remain in the moment. Wonderment and joy are spread across the faces of not only the youngsters but the parents and grandparents who accompany them. Advised for 8 years and up, the unequivocal inclusion of everyone in the room may leave younger audiences members slightly startled and unsettled by the surprises Slava has in store.

Not only does the entire theatre become the stage, audience interaction is integral to the creation continuation of the worlds Assissiai and his green playfellows find themselves in. If you dare to be ensnared in a web, or caught in a snowstorm, Slava Polunin’s snow globe of neverending possibilities will not disappoint you.

Running until 5th November at Festival Theatre Edinburgh. Continuing tour to King’s Theatre Glasgow, Norwich Theatre Royal, Bristol Hippadrome , Mayflower Theatre Southhampton.