How Soon Is Nigh?, Traverse, Review

Submitted by Alex Eades on Mon, 24 May '10 11.51pm
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The Arches/Traverse
Gary McNair (Director/Devisor), Gilllian Richards (Stage Manager), Andrew Gannon (Lighting Designer/Technician), Amy Cummings (Designer), Abigail McMillan (Production Manager)
Gary McNair
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How is it all going to end?
Asteroid? Plague? Nuclear war?
Hidden down in his basement, writer/performer/director Gary McNair delves into the apocalyptic in the first of a Platform 18 double bill at the Trav 2.
The lights go out. The clock begins to count down. This is our 4 minute warning.
The tension heaves with every dying moment.....3 minutes....2 minutes...1 minute....10 seconds....1 second....and.......
I’m still here. You’re still here. We’re all still here.
And so another false alarm passes us by and life continues as it does. But what would you do if you knew the end was coming? How would you plan for it? Would you at all?
Gary McNair’s wonderful one man show is both light-hearted and deeply thoughtful. Hilarious, yet deadly serious, as the topic of the end of the world often tends to be. McNair’s childlike innocence charms the audience entirely and if the curtains were to fall upon us all that night, it would have done so with thunderous applause.
There were a few nervous moments in his performance and a Big Red Button gag was starting to lose its appeal towards the end, but overall this was a very entertaining first half of the evening from a very exciting and fresh young talent.
Platform 18: The Arches New Work Award ran at the Traverse 20 to 23 May with Hand Me Down. Show ran at the Traverse 20 to 23 May