City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Stomp, Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Review

By Katie Mitchell - Posted on 07 October 2015

Show Details
Glynis Henderson Productions LTD and Stomp and Yes / No Productions LTD.
Luke Cresswell (Creative Director / Co-Founder), Steve McNicholas (Creative Director / Co-Founder)
Rhona Ashwood, Phil Batchelor, Shae Carroll, Omari Carter, Louise Durland, Emma King, Kris Lee, Angus H Little, Guy Mandozzi, Alua Nascimento, Dominik Schad, Ian Vincent, Simon Watts.
Running time: 

A combination of movement, comedy, music and most importantly rhythm, Stomp arrives in Edinburgh with a bang as part of their 2015 tour – and what a fun filled and exciting racket they make!

With a team of 8 highly skilled performers, they set the stage alight with their precision and attention to detail as they collaborate to create rhythms which is their main form of communication - a new and loud language to express themselves. The cheeky bunch also prove that they can create rhythms and beats out of anything they get their hands on from brooms to bins and even the audience as their extra prop.

This is an innovative performance concept which originated as street theatre in Brighton in 1991 by creative directors Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas and has since gone on to international success and global critical acclaim – and you can see why. This show is designed for children and adults of all ages and those who don’t mind a little bit of noise! The stage is visually stunning and reminds us of Stomp's early beginnings on the streets, performing to passers-by. The set is the performer’s playground where they hang, swing and jump on scaffolding like a tribe of musical monkeys. This only happened occasionally however, and felt like the set acted like more of a backdrop as it was never fully utilised and had much more potential for visual work.

This might have helped improve the dramatic build for the overall performance which was very episodic in some places, with some scenes looking ever so slightly similar. Despite this however, each scene is highly impressive and left the audience in amazement as the performers showcase a high level of physical energy from start to finish in their urban jungle. The performers add great moments of comedy through their versatile clown-like characters who all seek for the audience’s love and approval, which they most certainly win.

This is a highly entertaining and feel-good show for all of the family and who knows, families might be able to make a sound-making-spectacular at home with their own pots and pans just like Stomp.

Run till 11th October 2015 @ 7.30pm