Edinburgh To Be H.Q. of Green Investment Bank

Submitted by edg on Thu, 8 Mar '12 8.27pm

Edinburgh and London have been chosen as the joint locations for the government's new Green Investment Bank (GIB). The bank will be initially funded with £3bn of public money to invest in renewable energy projects.

Juniper Green Energy Fair

Submitted by edg on Thu, 23 Jun '11 7.04pm

Fair organised by Juniper Green Community Council and Transition Edinburgh Pentlands, offering guidance and examples of sustainable use of energy. For individual householders there will be people offering advice and services to help reduce energy costs as well as how to lower your carbon footprint.

Interest Free Loans For Homes Installing "Green" Energy Equipment

Submitted by edg on Sun, 13 Mar '11 8.40am

The Scottish Government has launched a new £500,000 interest free loan scheme for householders installing micro-energy generating equipment. Loans will be available for a range of renewable heat and electricity technologies, such as heat pumps, solar panels, micro-wind turbines, or biomass boilers.

MSP Hopes To Spur Micro-Energy Uptake by Scots

Submitted by edg on Tue, 2 Oct '07 12.38am

By 2030 many houses in Scotland could be independent of the national grid, powered autonomously, sharing, redistributing and trading locally-generated electricty, and using micro-energy production and conservation technology to produce three quarters of the country's energy requirements.