City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Poetry and storytelling

TraVerses at the Traverse Theatre

Richard Ingham, TraVerse

What could be better in these cold days of coalition than a warm evening of real collaboration between artists at a theatre whose name means ‘something that crosses another’ and whose event title is a terrific pun on this ‘new way to experience poetry’, TraVerses?

Hidden Door Festival: The Garden of Poetry

Hidden Door 2

The first thing to say about the Hidden Door, is that it there is a lot to say.

Scottish Poetry Library Annual Fair

A celebration of artists’ books and small presses with stalls, displays, workshops and talks throughout the day. Drop in to browse, buy or listen.

Competition Seeks Poetry in the Science of Human Genome

Wordsmiths and poets are being encouraged to bring forth their rhyme, reason, and humanity for a poetry competition on the theme of genetic research, entitled "Improving the human".

Edinburgh Old Town Festival

High Street, Edinburgh in June

Community orientated festival that celebrates the history and heritage of the Edinburgh Old Town in storytelling, lectures, tours, music, exhibitions, and other events. The Edinburgh Old Festival has a theme each year. In 2010, it's ‘Lives and Legends’ with a focus on the past, present and future voices of the Edinburgh Old Town.


Holyrood Hills

Ecofusion is a new event taking place at Holyrood Park aimed at getting more people, particularly from minority groups, to experience Scotland's outdoors.

Voices Connect Across the Irish Sea at the Storytelling Centre

This March, a programme of events in Scotland, surrounding St. Patrick's Day, illustrate how these two great nations are moving in the oldest yet closest of friendships and explores how often there has been a reluctance to admit or engage this closeness, with both nations holding on to a complicated historical legacy and becoming intimate strangers, existing with their backs to each other and reluctant to forge new chapters.

Edinburgh University's St Andrew's Day Celebration

A celebration of Scotland's spoken and musical traditions. Free, but booking required via web site

Scottish Storytelling Centre Marks St Andrews Day

On Saturday 28th November, the Scottish Storytelling Centre has a special treat for all ages with a free, drop-in afternoon that brings all generations together in a celebration of yarns with Between the Generations: Sharing the Stories from 2pm to 4.30pm.  

This event brings together all aspects of storytelling and the afternoon will build bridges between the generations through storytelling, highlight basic storytelling skills and ensure that all participants have fun!