Loony Dook

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Loony Dook under Forth Rail Bridge
Time & place

The Loony Dook takes place on the first day of each new year. Up to a thousand brave people dress up in fancy dress and throw themselves into the freezing cold water of the Firth of Forth at South Queensferry, just a few miles out of the Scottish capital. Times vary from year to year depending on the tides.

2020 times

  • 12.30am - Dookers check in starts (dookers must buy ticket in advance)
  • 2.15pm - First dookers plunge into the water

With the skirl of bagpipes urging them on, the crowd of humanity makes a mad dash into the watter and (most of them) quickly retreat back to the bar. Some stay in much longer - up to half an hour.

Dookers will march the length of South Queensferry High Street as part of the Dookers' Parade, before launching themselves into the freezing Firth of Forth.


£12 (includes £2 booking fee).

Getting there

Lothian Country runs buses to and from South Queensferry. Dalmeny train station is also relatively near to the event and around 20 minutes from Waverley Station and 15 minutes from Haymarket Station.

Background The Loony Dook has taken place since the mid-1980s but only became part of the official Edinburgh's Hogmanay programme in more recent years. Then organisers Unique Events introduced a registration fee in 2011 of £6, rising to £10 (with booking fee) in 2016.

Registration is online at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay website before the day of the event. Registrations are on a first come, first serve basis and there is no registration on the day of the event.

Dook Time and the Tide

The Dook depends on when tidal conditions are favourable. There is a Dooker parade through the town centre to the water's edge beforehand. 

Dookers must register in advance to take part in the event.

Tickets & information