Edinburgh lectures & talks

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas is a Scotland-wide series of events that "aims to re-establish the importance of dangerous ideas as agents of change in education - to shift the axis of what is possible."

A behind-the-scenes look at creating an exhibition.  From the initial idea to the final presentation, Deborah Clarke, Palace of Holyroodhouse and Treasures curator, explores the process of sel

Palliative Care has its origins in the modern hospice movement and pioneers such as Dame Cicely Saunders (St Christopher’s Hospice) and Dr Derek Doyle (St Columba’s Hospice). Today

The longtime EISF director explains the art of science communication and why warnings from this year's Edinburgh Medal winner need to be heeded.

The UN International year of Sustainable Energy for All finds us with various tools with which to confront the climate change crisis.

James Hansen's Edinburgh Medal address, entitled The Case For Young People and Nature, will offer people a chance to hear one of the world's pre-eminent and passionate climate scientists talk about a moral issue of unprecedented scope – climate change.

The annual Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace brings together people from a wide range of backgrounds to explore spiritual, secular, educational, artistic and cultural approaches to peace and mutual understanding utilising performances that deal with these topics through inventive, cross-art productions.

The MacTaggart Lecture is the keynote speech given at the start of the Edinburgh Television Festival.

Elisabeth Murdoch, Chair and CEO of Shine Group, has been confirmed as this year's MacTaggart Lecture speaker at the

In a follow on to his international best seller Ethics for a New Millennium His Holiness The Dalai Lama will speak on Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World and outline a system of secular ethic