Live Music in Edinburgh

Although not formally part of the Fringe programme, this recital fell within the festival programme of events hosted at the beautiful Georgian chur

An interesting, stimulating and varied programme, with a wide selection of music from the Renaissance period.

A show which, by its own definition, resists classification into any one category!

The old saying that Rossini’s Petitie Messe is neither small nor solemn isn’t quite true.

In short, Kate Tempest was amazing. More accurately, the combination of her and a crowd that revelled in the music, spoken word and poetry, were am

‘Quickening’ is a majestic meditation on the beginnings of life – inviting us to wonder in awe, but also to ponder life’s frailty and fragility.

A proficient and powerful performance that had been clearly carefully crafted, from the considered song selection, to the effective scene setting.

Foil Arms and Hog, internet sensations, return to the Edinburgh Fringe to premiere their new show ‘Swines’ in the magnificent McEwan Hall.

Once upon a time there lived a gray cat who liked to organise things and a flounder who liked to draw.

An audience of 15,000 gathered at Tynecastle Park, home to Hearts football team, for the Edinburgh