John McCarthy was introduced by Allan Little for this inaugural Frederick Hood Memorial Lecture.  It was also the concluding event of a most successful Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Saul David seems to have undergone an alarming make-over since the earlier days of his writing career.

Professor Paul Broda was introduced by Tam Dalyell who said that it must be unique to have two fathers who both passed secrets to the Soviet Union in 1942 for no personal gain.    Hi

Peter Gutteridge took the stage alone to introduce Jeremy Vine who then bounded on to the platform from the shadows.

A special one-off charity screening of Even the Rain (Tambien la Lluvia), a 2010 Spanish drama film starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Luis Tosar at SYHA Edinburgh Central, with a guest appearance by

James Naughtie introduced Alistair Darling for this Thomas Miller Investment Event which was held fittingly in the RBS Main Theatre.

This was the second debate in the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s trilogy of events under the title ‘Re-thinking the Union’ (here is

Tam Dalyell, Paul Rogers and Ruth Wishart came into the RBS Main Theatre well before the start of the session with Tam looking a little frail and walking with a stick.   When Ruth Wishart

Paddy Ashdown spoke at the Baker Tilly Event which was chaired by the BBC "Today" presenter James Naughtie.