Roy Hattersley is a regular visitor to the Edinburgh Book Festival and a prolific author in his own right, so it is always well worth hearing what he has to say as he is also a most entertaining sp

While it may have been natural for the Edinburgh International Book Festival to commence its ‘Re-Thinking The Union’ debates with one which posed the question ‘Would Culture Lose Its Shine In An Independent Scotland?’, it rapidly became clear that the question, however questionable itself, was not going to become the subject under discussion.

“Eight senior Scottish judges got it wrong, but the question is why?

The Labour Party and the Scottish National Party have signed an agreement to work together to run the City of Edinburgh Council, it was announced yesterday evening.

The agreement follows much behind-the-scenes negotiations following the local government elections on 3 May where Edinburgh Labour won the most seats, 20 out of 58, but not a majority.

There is a routine that follows me around on nights such as tonight and, if you'd be so gracious as to allow me to elaborate briefly, I'll explain what what I mean.

Edinburgh Lib Dems have not given up on building the troubled tramline to Leith.

The Traverse Theatre Company is set to stage an immersive, live theatre event inspired by the Occupy Movement, Demos by Tim Price.

Residents are being reminded that there are only seven days left to register to vote for the local council elections on 3 May.

Tomorrow (Saturday 31st March) at 8.30pm, Edinburgh joins cities around the world by powering down for Earth Hour.

Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish Parliament, and the Scott Monument are among familiar Scottish landmarks that will be sharing sixty minutes of darkness. Following the completion of its 2-year long repainting, the Forth Rail Bridge will go dark for the first time in support of Earth Hour.

Nominations closed at 4pm today for the Edinburgh City Council Election on 3rd May 2012.