Painting of the Forth Bridge - the paint job that famously "never ends" - is coming soon to an end.

Whither the future? A question many of us ask, especially when we’ve no idea what the answer may be.

The e-book, along with content-containing apps and an increasing range of electronic and digital methods of media delivery is changing the publishing industry and threatening the future of books as we know them. Or perhaps not as much as we imagine. Discuss.

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is reporting an unprecedented demand for tickets with over 300,000 hits on the on-line booking system and 25,000 telephone calls to the Box Office within the first hour of opening – twice as many as in 2010. 230 people were queuing outside the specially created Box Office at the EICC this morning when the doors opened, the first of whom arrived at 3.00am.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Especially, if the author - writing via an anonymous Blogger account - purports to be A Gay Girl in Damascus.

The Festival Fringe Society launched its brochure for Fringe 2011 with customary hype this morning. This year's Fringe is "bigger than ever before". There is a staggering 2,542 "events" over the month of August. 

Kath Mainland announced the launch of the new 2011 Edinburgh Fringe programme this morning and it's bigger than ever with 2,542 shows. Fringe 2011 has an estimated 21,192 performers giving 41,689 performances, an increase of about 4% on last year, which reaffirms the Edinburgh August Festivals as the largest art festival in the World.

Edinburgh is a great city for walking due to its compact design and large green areas, and yet  apparently we could be doing more walking. Hence Walk Edinburgh Week - a series of events aimed at drawing out the pedestrian in us.

The Edinburgh International Science Festival reported one of its busiest opening days in 23 years when it opened on 9th April.

Over 5,000 visitors attended Science Festival events in venues around the city including the City Art Centre, the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden, the National Museum, St Andrew Square, The University of Edinburgh’s Informatics Building and the Usher Hall.

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt will give this year's MacTaggart lecture, the keynote address at the Edinburgh Television Festival in late August.