City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Douglas Davies, RSW, New Paintings, Dundas Street Gallery, Preview

Cloudburst by Douglas Davies, RSW

During the Edinburgh Festival 2014, there was an enchanting exhibition of landscapes by Douglas Davies RSW at the Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh.

An Actor's Eye on Direction - Touring The Last Laugh


Shauna MacDonald is an experienced actor across a range of productions, from Hollywood film (The Descent, The Mutant Chronicles) to major television drama (Taggart, State of Play, Spooks, Sea of Souls

James Connolly, the Fight for Independence, Storytelling Centre, Review

‘Do a catholic play and you get a catholic audience’ the late George Byatt was wont to observe, although he did not specify whether he meant in a particular or a universal sense.

The Air That Carries the Weight, Traverse Theatre, Review

Alexandra Mathie and Pauline Lockhart photo Marc Marnie.jpeg

John Byrne’s setting for ‘The Air That Carries the Weight’ spread luxuriantly across the Traverse main stage in a way that made one fearful it might dominate the action.

I Am Thomas – a brutal comedy with songs, Lyceum, Review

I am Thomas.jpg

Today, people can be famous for being famous; legends in their lunchtime.

Scotland Says Goodbye to Coal Power

Scottish Power: Longannet

The last coal-fired power station in Scotland shuts down today.

Royal Lyceum Will Go To Wonderland For Christmas 2016

The Royal Lyceum Theatre Company will be staging Lewis Carroll's classic, children's tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as its Christmas show this winter.

The Producers, Church Hill Theatre, Review

Brave or foolish? The Producers is one of the most successful musicals ever done on Broadway.

Rehearsal for Murder, (2016), King's Theatre, Review

The Classic Thriller Theatre Company - the cast of actors in Rehearsal for Murder

The Agatha Christie Theatre Company enjoyed outstanding popular and critical success over the past decade, touring the Queen of Crime’s plays, most recently, “And Then There Were None,” at the King’s

PPP: Billy, the Day of Howling, Traverse Theatre, Review


Despite some clever and intricately constructed dialogue exchanges and Anthony Strachan’s near pitch-perfect characterisation of a much put-upon bulletin board installer, ‘Billy, the Day of Howling’ d