City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

Only Fools and Three Courses, Ushers at the Pear Tree, Review

cast fringe.jpg

You’ve had a disastrously delectable dinner at Fawlty’s and now join Boycie and Marlene for a Comedy Dining experience you’ll never forget - especially not if the Trotters have anything to do with it!

Mary Queen of Scots The Concert, artspace@StMarks, Review

Mary Queen of Scots 02.jpg

This was a concert of four sets of songs from composers who were fascinated by the life and woes of Mary, Queen of Scots.

£¥€$ (LIES) – Ontroerend Goed, Summerhall, Review

£¥€$ by Ontroerend Goed

"A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what it is built for."

Velvet Petal: Bedroom, Summerhall, Review

scene from Velvet Petal:Bedroom - Scottish Dance Theatre

The allusive, illusory nature of choreography depicts through gesture and movement, human emotions and the drama of life.

The Starship Osiris, Underbelly Cowgate, Review

Starship Osiris - Willis and Vere

We are welcomed personally on board the Starship Osiris by George Vere. It’s very much his vessel as we are about to discover.

EIBF 2017: Leon Morrocco with Liz Lochhead

This was one of the most disappointing sessions I have been to in the Book Festival.

EIBF 2017: Publishing Scotland - Culture Versus Commerce

Publishing Scotland’s event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, was entitled ‘Culture Versus Commerce’ and although Chair Katie Lockwood-Holmes of Edinburgh-based Floris Books attempted to k

Eleanor's Story: An American Girl in Hitler's Germany, Gilded Balloon, Review

Eleanor's Story: An American Girl in Hitler's Germany

"In the fall of 1939, when I was 9 years-old, Adolph Hitler came to my neighbourhood. He didn’t come in person of course, but the idea of him came into people’s minds in Stratford, New Jersey."

Sexbox, Leith Volcano, Review


Strange and familiar, perverted and liberating; it’s hard to know where to begin to describe Impermance’s Sexbox.

Dark Matter, Greenside, Review

dark matter pictures 2.jpg

The dark matter of dementia is tackled with great sensitivity and imagination by the young London based Vertebra Theatre Company.