City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh News

The Silence of Snow - the Life of Patrick Hamilton, Laughing Horse @ Espionage, Review

‘Mad, bad and dangerous to know’ might have described Patrick Hamilton in his latter days half-truthfully as it once did Lord Byron.

3000 trees: the Death of Mr William MacRae, Sweet Grassmarket, review

3000 trees Death of Willie MacRae.jpeg

Willie MacRae was a prominent Glasgow lawyer, life–long SNP member and anti-nuclear campaigner.

The Domino Effect, theSpace@Surgeons' Hall, Review

The Domino Effect

“The domino effect;
You understand it as leading to catastrophe
But learn its secrets
And it can also lead to triumph.”

Huff, Traverse Theatre, Review

Huff - an interior

Shona Reppe and Andy Manley have a reputation for creating theatrical magic for kids, and with Huff have managed to pull yet another surprise out of their seemingly bottomless creative hat.

Juvenalia, Assembly Hall, Review

“Stupendous, “brilliant” - some of the comments members of the audience made as they were leaving Simon Callow’s performance in Juvenalia.

Shout! The Mod Musical, Edinburgh Academy, Review

Shout cast

'You’re going to feel aright' - Shout the Musical is a succession of hits from an era I know well along with social history commentary based on a typical teen magazine of the times.

Is 24 Hour Psycho Playing Now?

Museum of modern art "landform"

The Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art (aka Modern One) was looking picture perfect today. People lounged on the "landform" in the sun.

Freak, Assembly George Square, Review

Freak - Assembly press

Sex is something we still don’t talk about in a way which reflects what we really do…… Freak tells it as it is and drags the truth out in front of the audience where it loses some of its sham

The Joe Corrie Project - “Cage Load of Men”, St Bride's, Review

The Acoustic Music Centre can boast the hosting of many famous performers but on Saturday 8th August, Fife poet, songwriter, miner and social activist, Joe Corrie will be centre stage.

Lace up, Space North Bridge, Review

Lace up cast

A fight to deal with boxed off emotions.

Donald Robertson is not a Stand Up Comedian, Traverse, Review

Gary McNair ...Donald Robertson

The Traverse Theatre has an uncanny ability to transform itself, at any time, in order to suit any requirements.

Cuckooed, Traverse, Review

Mark Thomas in Cuckooed

How would you react if someone you knew and trusted turned out to have been spying on you for a major arms trading company? If you’re Mark Thomas, you turn the experience into an hour-long comedy show.

riverrun, Traverse, Review

Riverrun at the Traverse

On a bare stage on which two opposing rows of par cans rest, Olwen Fouere appears, simply dressed, ready to offer her interpretation of the voice of the river in James Joyce’s ‘Finnegan’s Wake’.

Music from The Mandolin Lesson, St Andrew's & St George's West, Review


Francis Taylor is a mandolinist of the highest calibre in the United Kingdom. Having said that, it was an unusual instrument to take up especially as she chose to train to play it in Italy.

The Most Serious Ailments of St. Krank's, Bedlam Theatre, Review

The Most Serious Ailments of St. Krank's (cast)

England, Oh England! You float upon the sea and look up at the sky, beaches curving like a smile, if the ocean was an oyster, you would be that oyster’s pearl.

Kitty in the Lane, Spotlites @ Merchant Hall, Review

Kitty in the Lane's Aine Ryan

‘Kitty in the Lane’ does some of the things contemporary Irish theatre does best.

Ablutions, Assembly Roxy, Review

Ablutions (Photo by Charley Murrell)

“Discuss the regulars. They sit in a line like ugly, huddled birds, eyes wet with alcohol. They whisper into their cups and seem to be gloating about something—you will never know what.

Hunter and Johnny, Zoo, Review

Take an actor all too often dismissed as a lightweight, connect him to an ageing, once seen as daring writer of reportage, and consider the similarities and differences.

Anthem for a Doomed Youth, Assembly Roxy, Review

Anthem for a Doomed Youth - Guy

Guy Masterton has been producing hit Fringe shows for over two decades.

Three Little Pigs, Paradise in Augustine's, Review

If you’re a die-hard Three Little Pigs fan, you may not recognize the traditional tale in this production, though it builds on the theme of pigs, fairytale and otherwise.