Edinburgh lectures & talks

Former World Champion racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart today gets a week-long programme of events to mark

Racing champion Sir Jackie Stewart, 71, is the keynote speaker at Dyslexia Awareness Week,starting today.

A special series of lectures and talks exploring different aspects of medieval life, jointly organised by the British Academy and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Alastair has visited the Falkland Islands on three occasions, studying the spiders that live there.

Historian James Robertson looks at how Edinburgh earned its reputation as "City of Enlightenment" and "Athens of the North" and in what ways the meaning of this title has evolve

The Great Recession has been a wakeup call.

British Cities are often described as lacking the crucial powers required to achieve self-determination and to break free from path dependent cycles of decline or under-achievement.

Rick Mather founded Rick Mather Architects in 1973 will envision how architecture can combine with culture and creativity in re-visioning urban spaces.

Cities occupy an uncertain and sometimes unloved space in much of the Scottish literary canon.