Cabaret - the new category at the Fringe

Enter with caution and an open mind as your every move is under the magnifying glass at the mercy of the Skrimshanks duo.

Barry Humphries, better known as Dame Edna, hosted this evening of Weimar cabaret compositions.

To St Andrew Square Garden for ‘Butterfly Rammy’, a curated collection of responses to the Referendum and its aftermath, on an Edinburgh day which went from being fair driech to gey driech to fell dri

After leaving Colin Cloud: Kills, quite literally shaking at the sheer power of what I had seen (read my review

Fresh from his sellout run in the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe and win of the Skinny Magazine's 'Talk of the Town' Award, Colin Cloud returns to the Fringe with a show that could see him literally get away w

Jess Robinson lies a lot. Her psychologist likes to call it "problem lying".

There are any number of earnest and passionate performers offering an hour of the best of themselves.

Take Arthurian legend, drizzle lightly with songs, add wild-west flavour and transfer to the baking metal desert of a far off starship.

Kurt Weill's 1929 work Little Three Penny Music emerged from a darkened stage lit by the music desk lamps for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Sexy, sassy, glamorous and gallus, la Clique again gives late night audiences a jaw droppingly great night out.