I saw this show on the penultimate day of its Fringe run and whilst this review may not help their attendance numbers hopefully it will pay forward into any future work this company presents.

Lo Real is an intense and uncomfortable theatrical experience that apparently does not appeal to everyone.

A small ensemble of Scottish Ballet dancers have been given the great opportunity to present a selection of new work at the Edinburgh Fringe.

It was Martin Swan's name that attracted me to this show, for Martin runs the UK's largest online violin shop.

Vendetta Mathea, during a residence at La Manufacture, experimented, designed and developed both the physical movement and soundscape for this hour-long dance experience.

I first heard of this show through Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.

A wordless dreamlike tribute to love and loss.

There can be turbidity in the world of dance. Classic styles are compelling but if not developed and progressed they can become torpid and stagnate. And yet so many choreographers play safe. They do not push against the envelope they are asphyxiated by it.

Japan's special effects and techno dance group SIRO-A just put down in Edinburgh, hours after winning a Golden Buzzer award on “America’s Got Talent”.

Embrace, Vision Mechanics’ new production, is inspired by women in India who have played a vital role in the campaign to protect and preserve the environment.