Following the outcry over the anticipated cost overruns for the crisis hit Edinburgh trams project, Alex Salmond today in first minister's question time called a public inquiry into the project "an excellent thing to do". Salmond and the SNP did not support the trams from the start, and have kept their distance from the project and its ongoing woes, saying it should be dealt with by Edinburgh City Council.

A brand new specialist unit is to be built in Edinburgh to cope with the growing number of people with Autism and learning difficulties.

What nicer way to spend a summer morning than at the beach? The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) will be holding a beach clean at Cramond on Saturday 11th June from 10am-12noon, and all are welcome.

An Edinburgh kebab shop owner has been fined £1350 after cooked beetle larva was found in a kebab sold from his takeaway.

Edinburgh City Council proclaimed a recent "hard hitting" campaign to encourage dog owners to poop-scoop in the north of the city saw complaints drop by 80%.

This event has been cancelled

The Stroke Association in Scotland marks Stroke Awareness Day (Tuesday 10 May 2011) with a 5k walk, to encourage people to take exercise as a way of reducing their risk of stroke.

A free, public fair aimed at encouraging people to be more active.

Edinburgh is a great city for walking due to its compact design and large green areas, and yet  apparently we could be doing more walking. Hence Walk Edinburgh Week - a series of events aimed at drawing out the pedestrian in us.

Graham Birse, that well known pro-tram deputy chief executive of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce continues to say he wants to have more public money poured into the bottomless pit that is the Edi