City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Playtime (1967)

A man attempts to navigate his way around a futuristic Paris, a vast, de-humanised world of clean lines and reflections which continually baffle our protagonist and lead him on an unpredictable jou

Metropolis (1927, 2010 remastered version)

Metropolis is set in a dystopic future where ruling elites govern from menacing high rise buildings whilst oppressed workers live below.

Brazil (1985)

In a strange dystopian world overrun by outdated machines, a man attempts to find a woman who appears in his dreams.

Il Desserto Rosso (1964)

 Il Desserto Rosso was the first colour film made by celebrated Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni and is regarded as one of his v

Botanics To Launch Scotland's First Festival of Science and Food

Neil Forbes, chef

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh (RGBE) has announced that is launching a new foodie festival this Spring - Science on a Plate.

Grown Up Events at Edinburgh Science Festival

The Edinburgh International Science Festival reported one of its busiest opening days in 23 years when it opened on 9th April.

Over 5,000 visitors attended Science Festival events in venues around the city including the City Art Centre, the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden, the National Museum, St Andrew Square, The University of Edinburgh’s Informatics Building and the Usher Hall.

Expensive Wines Don't Win Out In Mass Taste Test

Wine-imbibers, you may be paying too much for that expensive bottle of wine, according to psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire and this year's Guest Director at the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Inventor of the Pill Wins Edinburgh Medal

Professor Carl Djerassi, Recipient of the 2011 Edinburgh

The winner of this year's Edinburgh Medal is Professor Carl Djerassi, an American chemist, novelist and playwright and Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University. Djerassi is best known for his contribution to the development of the first oral contraceptive pill in 1951 for which he won the National Medal of Science in the USA.

Storytime at the Science Festival

In a brand new partnership for 2011, The Edinburgh International Science Festival has teamed up with the Scottish Storytelling Centre to bring a wide range of stories to the Science Festival audien

Dr Bunhead in Pyromania

The inimitable Dr Bunhead gets the Edinburgh International Science Festival off with a bang and a World Record attempt.