Edinburgh Film Festival

Donkeys Receives A Rapturous Reception at Edinburgh Film Festival

Day 5 of the Edinburgh Film Festival ended on a high after the gentle delights of Mai Mai Miracle (see earlier blog/review). In the afternoon I attended a Scottish Screen reception on the sunny rooftop of the Delegate Centre which has almost 360° panoramic views of the city. There I ran into Morag McKinnon and Colin McLaren, director and writer of the much anticipated Donkeys which was to receive its world premiere just a few hours later.

Sean Connery Helps Launch 2010 Film Festival

Gangs of skateboarding kids and mini clusters of homeless swilling winos (i.e. the usual residents of Bristo Square) were in for a surprise last Wednesday evening when the relative calm of the night was shattered by the sight of Sir Sean Connery grooving away and getting on down alongside ostrich-feathered dancing girls, a balkan-esque band and stilt walkers.

EIFF 2010: Document

Documentary film-makers love the outsider. They love to probe around the fringes of real-life, picking up rocks and seeing what detritus is burrowing underneath, whether by design or choice. This is perfectly displayed by some of the films being presented in this year’s ever exemplary Document strand at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.